Bolton Solar Farm

Property Name: Bolton Solar Farm
Location: Warrenton, NC
Property Type: Solar Installation
Transaction Type: Tax Credit Equity Financing
Loan Amount: Undisclosed
Photovoltaic; 6.5 MW DC fixed tilt ground mounted solar farm

Number of Modules: 26,650

Output: The Bolton Farm produces approximately 9,750 MWh of electricity a year, which is the same amount of energy used by 754 average homes in North Carolina.

Project Construction: Construction took approximately 14 weeks, beginning in April 2013 and finishing in July. Strata Solar worked very closely with the community to hire local installers for the job.

Economic Impact: Over $250,000 in direct expenditures in Warren County for wages, lodging and supplies. Increase in the property tax base of Warren County of approximately $15 million with no requirement for additional school, sewers roads, or other county services.

Environmental Impact: No emission, no noise, no traffic associated with the operation of the solar farm. Each year, the solar farm will offset approximately 5236 tons of CO2 which is the same as reducing automobile travel by 8 million miles.

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